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"I am not a born Picasso or Grant Wood. I am, however, a keenly interested observer and lover of art. I have taken several workshops from Anita Plucker and own several of her art pieces. With each class I have taken I have grown as an artist and have, dab by dab, become a better painter. Anita shows an incredible patience with her students and enthusiasm for her medium. It has been fun and infectious as we learn. Art is more than the pictures we create. It is also the growing of self-development and appreciation for all art. I have always been welcomed by a smile and her acceptance as I continue to listen, watch and learn. How lucky we are to have a person in the area who is a talented artist, teacher and advocate for all of us practicing art at our individual level of ability."  -Pat 

"Anita Plucker was my teacher for a watercolor painting class for three days in August of 2012. She conducted her classes with enthusiasm, creativity, and inspiration. I was able to watch her sequential demonstrations, study her works, and yet paint creatively in my own style. Critiquing all members' work was done at the end of each lesson in a positive manner and was a valuable tool for me in assessing my own work. I was able to further develop my own waterpainting by using the technique of layering. It was a thrill to incorporate this technique. Anita allowed me to explore and create on my own and sometimes even forced me to figure things out myself. I appreciated her gentle manner and candidness at times. She definitely inspires and develops empowerment in painting in all her students. Her watercolors reflect her amazing talent to see colors, her energy, and her dedication to teaching...beautiful artistic works!"   -Collette 

Feel free to contact me for more details or questions regarding my workshops. 
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illustrated journal

We will explore and practice different approaches of recording and documenting

feelings, emotions and the world around us using your choice of media to create small colored sketches, drawings, and wording to create an illustrated journal.

Watercolor Workshops....

  "My workshops, usually 3-day,     are intended for all levels of experience in watercolor painting. Time will be spent the first session reviewing media and techniques to set a foundation for all participants, no matter their level of experience, to prepare everyone for the workshop painting. Participants will become aware of the many techniques in painting with watercolor and methods artists can use to be more creative.  The heart and soul of this workshop will be the sharing of creative experiences, the exchange of information and ideas, 'the spirit that is in the making'."

Color Pencil Workshops....

'This workshop is intended for all levels of experience and will involve both traditional and experimental techniques in using today's 

colored pencil. 

Forget the colored pencils you remember using as a child or in school - the hard lead and flat, dull colors.  Today's colored pencils have evolved into an appreciated and accepted fine art medium.  Their smooth, buttery leads full of deep, rich color along with their versatility make them an exciting choice as a means of expression."

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