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NewsNote - June 2016, Summer Schedule

This winter has been very productive for me as far as creating work- large, small, watercolor, graphite drawings, colored pencil drawings, oil, illustrated journal entries and a few experiments. It feels real good.

Now that the weather is warming up and things are so very green and lush, the flowers are spectacular, and I am able to get out and move and breath fresh air, I find it extremely difficult to stay in the studio. It is so ok. I will sketch, journal, make value sketches and studies, take photos, become immersed in nature...........and all this will fuel my physical, creative and spiritual self, which in turn supports and becomes the basis for the work I will do this coming winter.

I am excited and honored that my watercolor, IOWA FARM, was selected with 131 other watercolorists from around the world, for SPLASH 18: VALUE, North Light Books’ latest watercolor competition for a segment in their book. IOWA FARM will be included in this book, to be released next year. Yeh!!!

I received notification just this morning from the Iowa Watercolor Society that my 2 paintings have been juried into the 2016 IWS Exhibition, by Sterling Edwards, TWSA, CSPWC, WPA. Yeh!!! FROM MY KAYAK: TRUMBALL LAKE III and IOWA FARM will be on display along with 45 other Iowa watercolor artists at LaPoste, Perry Iowa,July 7 - Sept. 11.



I needed to literally lay out my exhibition/workshop schedule to keep myself on track and to visually see when and where my work needs to go and thought I would share that with you.

Artisan Road Trip Exhibits - As a member of this juried group of artists, I will show 2-3 pieces of my work along with the other members at the galleries listed below. Visit for a list of the other fabulous artists in this group and for more info regarding the group's annual road-trip event.

June, Witter Gallery, Storm Lake, Iowa

August, Red Rock Art Center, Fairmont, MN

Sept 29-Oct.31, Arts on Grand, Spencer, Iowa

October 8 & 9, Artisans Road Trip Annual Event. I will display my work these 2 days at

Summerwind Gallery, Arnolds Park, Iowa

Oct 8-Dec 31, Pearson Lakes Art Center, Okoboji, Iowa

Other exhibits/showings -

May 24-June 25, 'Pots & Pictures', Arts on Grand, Spencer, Iowa

June 1-15, 'Farm & Field', Summerwind Gallery, Arnolds Park, Iowa

June 16-30, 'Involving Water', Summerwind Gallery, Arnolds Park, Iowa

July 7-Sept 11, Iowa Watercolor Show, Annual Juried Exhibition, LaPoste,

Perry, Iowa

November 12 & 13, Art on the Prairie, Perry, Iowa

Workshop -

'Joy of Watercolor', watercolor workshop, Aug 10, 11, 12, Dickinson County

Nature Center, Okoboji, Iowa

There are a few spots available yet in this upcoming workshop. Register with

me directly to secure your seat in this workshop. Please visit 'workshops/classes', this website, for all the details and information regarding this offering.

My work is available at these fine galleries:

Arts on Grand, Spencer

Bijou Gallery, Okoboji

McGee Gallery & Framing, Peterson

Summerwind Gallery, Arnolds Park

And, of course, you are welcome to contact me directly with questions and/or

for pricing of my work. Visit 'galleries' here at www.artworksbyanita to see all original work and available prints/giclees.

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and support in my artistic endeavors.

All greatly appreciated, I assure you!


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