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o  r  i  g  i  n  a  l  s

........watercolor paintings........color pencil drawings........

My watercolor paintings and color pencil drawings reflect my life in the upper Midwest - waterscapes, rural landscapes and architecture indicative to the area. My approach to my art work is realistic. I look for spatial relationships within my subject matter and I love surface texture, varied lines, negative spaces and the effects color can exude within a piece. My style ranges from loose flowing brushstrokes to tightly controlled detail. Currently my inspiration and focus for my work are the designs and patterns created as nature and man play with the surface of the land and water and I find beauty in the ordinary, often overlooked remnants of a vanishing way of life - the homesteads, farmsteads and the buildings now empty where family-owned businesses once thrived in Iowa's small towns. 

You can find my work at 
Artworks by Anita  Studio/Gallery
Terri, Iowa
Contact me directly for
details and pricing!

Contact me for pricing and to purchase. I am able to take a check or credit card using Square. Price + 7% sales tax + shipping & handling. I will ship out upon receipt of payment.

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